Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Exposed!

Chapter 75: Chapter 75: Exposed!

Tang Li Xue looked at the mid-tier spirit stone in her paws.
She was quite surprised when she found that mid-tier spirit stone only shrunk a bit even after that intense breakthrough since it should use quite a large amount of energy inside the mid-tier spirit stone.
'This mid-tier spirit stone should be enough for my martial soul to reach its maximum level capacity! So after I evolve into [Uncommon] grade beast, my martial soul could also follow me up and evolve into [Uncommon] grade too!'
Tang Li Xue stored the mid-tier spirit stone back into Xiao Hei's tiny box and threw it into her space pouch.
Tang Li Xue realized that she made a very large commotion and many people would come here soon to check out what happened so she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] and dashed back toward Xiao Hei's residence with her full speed.
'I hope Xiao Hei doesn't worry too much about me since I have been missing for almost a week this time…'
But along her way Tang Li Xue something strange really soon…
'Strange… isn't this too quiet here? I have a really bad feeling about this! Let's rush quicker back home!' Though Tang Li Xue as she activated her [Sprint] skill in an instant, her silhouette turned more blurry as her speed increased even more.
Tang Li Xue's expression turned more solemn as she did not find any people on her way. Usually, if this kind of big commotion happened, it should attract many crowds of disciples and elders to investigate it.
But right now, she cannot find any people on the way!
'There should be something bigger and more urgent happening right now! So important that they all have no time to look after the commotion I created!'
Tang Li Xue hesitated for a moment but she still decided to come back to Xiao Hei's room in the end. At least, she could leave some message for Xiao Hei so he would not be too worried about her before she checks what exactly happen.
The skies already went dark the moment Tang Li Xue returned to Xiao Hei's residence. She immediately went into Xiao Hei's room to check if he still waiting for her out of worry.
Tang Li Xue spotted a person silhouette at the Xiao Hei room's window.
'Aiyah... he really is waiting for me! Sigh... what excuse can I give to him now? I can't tell him that I breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage, can't I? Sigh... what a headache!'
Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form] the moment she entered the room. She lowered her head and put a pitiful expression on her face so she could only hope to not get scold by Xiao Hei this way.
"So you are here..."
Tang Li Xue's nerve immediately tensed the moment she heard this voice! She stared at the person in front of her in disbelief. While that person also stared back at her with his cold eyes.
'Impossible! How could he be here?!'
He was inside Xiao Hei's room!
Moreover, Tang Li Xue could feel it that Mo Chonglin's divine sense already locked on to her if she trying to do something suspicious, Mo Chonglin would certainly crush her as easily as he would crush an ant.
'Calm down, Tang Li Xue! So what if he is here! Maybe he wants to talk about some business with Xiao Hei! It is also completely normal for an uncle to visit his nephew, isn't it? I just need to pretend and act like a stupid animal until Xiao Hei back and everything will be fine! Hopefully, he didn't notice anything strange when I use my [Ethereal Form] to enter this room...'
Tang Li Xue was currently gambling that Mo Chonglin did not know anything about her and he was only waiting here for Xiao Hei to come back home.
Tang Li Xue started to walk away casually like a lazy cat to the corner of the room. She jumped to the top of the pet basket and started to lie down lazily.
The pet basket was very comfortable with the soft pillow inside it.
This pet basket was prepared by Xiao Hei for Tang Li Xue when they first arrived at Asura Demon Sect but she never uses it and always slept at Xiao Hei's bed every time.
Xiao Hei also never forced her to sleep at the pet basket so they always slept together on Xiao Hei's bed in the end.
But Mo Chonglin sat on the chair near the bed and Tang Li Xue did not want to get close to him so she could only choose to lie down on this pet basket in the end.
Well, she cannot run away from here anyway since Mo Chonglin would surely make his move and kill her the moment she activated her [Ethereal Form]!
'I am at the corner of the room... I could just activate my [Ethereal Form] and jump back toward the wall behind me to escape! But I doubt that the wall can actually protect me from this lunatic attack... sigh... let's just wait and see for now!'
Mo Chonglin did not mind her at all. He raised the cup on the table and sipping it slowly to enjoy it.
"That blue phoenix is extremely beautiful... it must be the high-ranking blue flame that I gave to Lin Xiang before, right? It seems that is Lin Xiang's fate to not ever get his hands on that flame in this lifetime." Mo Chonglin said lazily as he put his cup back onto the table.
"But I never regret it fell into your hands... just that 'beautiful blue phoenix soaring onto the skies' view is already worthy enough for me to exchange for that flame. At least that blue flame would not be wasted in your hands." This time Mo Chonglin talked while kept staring at Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue immediately stood up and took her battle stance!
She was sure that Mo Chonglin knew something about her right now!
But she was not sure how far Mo Chonglin knew about her!
"Lin Xiang was on the verge of dying a few days ago. He cannot be cured or saved anymore so I decided to use Soul Scour Technique to read his mind. And guess what... Who knows that I found something really interesting! The main culprit of all those incidents is actually not even a human!" Mo Chonglin laughed hard when he said his story as if he just told something really funny but Tang Li Xue's mind turned dizzy the moment she heard it.