Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Got Killed!

Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Got Killed!

Tang Li Xue stared at Mo Chonglin full of anger but she still did not have the courage to start the fight against such a strong opponent.
'Sigh… there is no benefit for me staying here! It looks like I should really take some desperate measures! [Substitute Doll]… I am really counting on you this time! If you fail then I could only curse you in afterlife later!'
Tang Li Xue roared and the blue phoenix inside her Dantian opened its crimson eyes suddenly as it also let out a majestic cry.
The deep blue flames poured out from Tang Li Xue's body cloaking her tiny figure with the extremely high temperature's flame!
Tang Li Xue's deep blue flames this time was different from when she used it in Herb Garden before.
There were countless crimson specks floating around the deep-blue flames made it looks even more beautiful and far more dangerous than before!
"Sigh… what a pity…" Mo Chonglin could only sigh when he saw Tang Li Xue tried to fight him.
There was no panic and nervousness in Mo Chonglin's eyes only disappointment.
[Flame Arrow]! FIRE!
Tang Li Xue shot all of her nine [Flame Arrow] toward Mo Chonglin at once but she was already casting her [Fire Bomb] before that.
The moment Mo Chonglin waved his palm to neutralize all of her [Flame Arrow] she threw her [Fire Bomb] toward Mo Chonglin too!
Tang Li Xue did not even wait for her [Fire Bomb] to explode to see the result, she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] and jumped out from the room through the wall behind her!
The terrifying explosion happened the moment Tang Li Xue's [Fire Bomb] touched the floor in front of Mo Chonglin!
Yes, Tang Li Xue had not aimed her [Fire Bomb] to Mo Chonglin directly but to the floor in front of Mo Chonglin!
Since it was impossible for her current strength to hurt Mo Chonglin, Tang Li Xue's current objective was to create a chance for her to escape from here!
'I did it! RUUUUUN!'
Tang Li Xue did not turn off her [Ethereal Form], she immediately activated her [Sprint] skill too and ran with all of her might!
She did not even dash toward the entrance gate! She was afraid that Mo Chonglin already set some traps for her there so she decided to run toward the nearest wall to escape from Xiao Hei's residence as fast as she could!
Bzzzzt… Bzzzzt… Bzzzzt…
Tang Li Xue did not realize that above Xiao Hei's residence, the huge black cloud full of raging thunder started to swirl.
The deafening thunderous sound followed by the purple lightning descended to the residence's courtyard where Tang Li Xue still ran with her full speed.
'What the…'
The raging purple lightning took the form of dragon's claw and struck down the courtyard destroying everything it touches!
Tang Li Xue did not even have any time to scream as her tiny body evaporated into thin air along with the courtyard where she stood!
Mo Chonglin walked out from the rubble casually as he slowly mumbled to himself: "Sigh… what a pity! What a waste of talent! Such a best tier pet died just like that…"
There was not even a scratch at Mo Chonglin's body, even his clothes still clean and neat since he used his Qi as a barrier to protect himself from all harm.
Several miles away from Xiao Hei's residence, near the Asure Demon Sect's farm…
A straw doll appeared out of nowhere and it also started to crack in a few seconds.
The straw doll exploded with a tiny bang sound then a tiny figure was coming out from the exploded straw doll!
Surprisingly, that tiny figure was actually Tang Li Xue herself! She actually did not die under Mo Chonglin's lightning attack thanks to [Substitute Doll] ability!
However, the horrible death experience that Tang Li Xue felt before by no means pleasant. She even puked out a few times the moment she regained her consciousness.
But she only puked out her own gastric juice since she did not eat anything for almost a week now.
'Urgh… oeeekhhh… that was extremely horrible! I really don't want to feel that horrible feeling ever again! But the good news is I am still alive! The [Substitute Doll] from the system is really worked wonder!'
Without any hesitation, Tang Li Xue took another [Substitute Doll] out from her system inventory and inserted her fur inside it once again like before.
[Successfully bind the Substitute Doll with the owner. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes would be transferred to Substitute Doll.]
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she accepted notification from the system. She was really afraid if there would be some kind of cooldown after she used it before like in the game. Fortunately, she was only overthinking it.
'Let's escape from this sect now before fatty uncle realizes that I still alive!'
But before Tang Li Xue took any step forward, Xiao Hei's silly gentle smile flashed for a moment in her mind.
'Dammit! Tang Li Xue! That uncle is right! You only meet him for one month! In this cruel world where dog eats dog, human eats human, how can you survive if you trying to help every people you meet later?!'
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in anger and hesitation.
'Idiot, Tang Li Xue! What has he done for you other than give you roasted meat every day?! NOTHING! Do not fool yourself! You trade all of your pills for that mid-tier spirit stone! It is not like he gave it to you for free! Are you so cheap that your pride can be brought with only roasted meat?!'
Her logic wanted her to leave from this sect immediately as soon as she could because if not she would definitely lose this only chance to leave this sect without being realized by Xiao Hei's uncle!
However, Tang Li Xue's heart wanted her to save her concubine even with her life as the cost!
'Tang Li Xue! Are you crazy?! He is not the only handsome man in this world! If you can survive now and regain your gorgeous human form, you can get as many handsome concubines as you want! Everything is possible as long as you still alive but it will be over once you are dead!'
Tang Li Xue shook her head and dashed with her full speed toward the sect entrance ignoring everything in her heart…
But she stopped after only running for a few meters…
'Uaaarrrrgggghhh… I knew it I will really regret it later but I really can't help it! I already have gone crazy for him! SYSTEM!'
[Quest: (Sacrifice) Do whatever it takes to save your male concubine out of the danger!]
[Difficulty: Nightmare]
[Requirement: High Lucky Stat! May God always bless you!]
[Reward: Level +4(+1), Stat Point +120(+30), Skill Point +24(+6), 200(+50) Deity Coins, 1XSilver Lottery Ticket, 3X2 Times EXP Card, 1XPremium Armor Chest]
Tang Li Xue completely dumbfounded, she rubbed her eyes several times but the quest given by her system did not change at all!
Tang Li Xue felt a pang of dizziness attacked her mind so she immediately sucked her breath deeply to calm herself down.
'No matter how I see it, this mission… err…I mean this quest is almost impossible to complete! But do not worry the requirement said 'High Lucky Stats' and I have one [Greater Lucky Sticker] so everything should… might… possibly… be alright… hopefully…'
Now the most important thing for her to do was to find where Xiao Hei right now!