Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: Mo Chonglin's Offer!

Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Mo Chonglin's Offer!

Tang Li Xue's eyes widened when she heard what Mo Chonglin said. She did not know exactly what was Soul Scour Technique was but she was sure the moment Mo Chonglin use that skill to Elder Lin, Elder Lin would surely die on the spot.
Mo Chonglin's cruelness this time was greatly surprised Tang Li Xue. He could even kill his people with his own hands without any hesitation at all!
'Dammit! What to do now? Runaway? NO! He already locked me down with his divine sense! The moment I make my move he would surely kill me!'
Tang Li Xue was not confident enough to gamble her life to activate her [Ethereal Form]. What if Mo Chonglin attacked her not with a physical attack but with an elemental attack later? She would certainly die in regret if that happens!
Tang Li Xue's mind spun with great speed trying to find some way to flee but she cannot find any opening at all but it did not mean she did not have any other way to escape!
She still has two trump cards in her system inventory!
Her first trump card was of course her last [Greater Lucky Sticker] but she already planned to use it for her evolution later so she immediately rejected the idea to use it now.
Her second and last trump card she plans to use was [Substitute Doll]! The item from the system cannot be seen or detected by anyone other than Tang Li Xue anyway!
But still, Mo Chonglin was not a fool if he realized that Tang Li Xue was doing funny, he would surely kill her without any hesitation!
Tang Li Xue relaxed her body and laying back down on the soft pillow.
Her eyes still locked on Mo Chonglin but one of her paws stealthily took the [Substitute Doll] from system inventory and put it in front of her.
Now she only needs to insert her fur into the [Substitute Doll] to activate it!
In Mo Chonglin's eyes, Tang Li Xue was already given up on running away from him and she was only feeling a bit restless under his watch so he did not mind her suspicious moves.
Mo Chonglin was smiling when he saw Tang Li Xue relaxed back and continue to say: "As I expect, you really are a smart fox. I don't know where my nephew found you but his luck is truly making me envy him so much."
"Since you can enter Elder Lin without being found before, I guess you also have two great abilities… no, it should be four. Your first ability should be to turn yourself completely invisible. The second one should be the ability to conceal yourself deeply made you completely undetectable even with divine sense, smell… Wait, it even covers your footprint and trail… such a magical ability!" Mo Chonglin put his finger on his chin and started to analyze Tang Li Xue's abilities.
'This damn monster! He already peeks into Elder Lin's memory! Is there any need to say all of these to me again?!'
Tang Li Xue did not know that in Elder Lin's memory, there was only her image when she used her Flame of Pride. Elder Lin did not even see clearly when she used her [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)] to hit his crotch before if not Elder Lin would already dodge it.
So what Mo Chonglin said right now was only based on his own analysis on the situation in Elder Lin's residence before and he also combined it with the memory he got from Elder Lin.
"You can also avoid all the traps then enter the locked Pill Storage Room and the Safe Room as you like so I guess you have the ability to pass through the wall and all obstacles. Oh, my sect physician also said that Elder Lin's wound on his crotch is caused by the strong penetrative strike on the same level as my [Heaven Splitting Wave]." Mo Chonglin's face was still smiling as if he only told some child story to her but each of his words made Tang Li Xue shuddered.
All the traps set at Elder Lin's place was according to Mo Chonglin's arrangement so he surely doubted Tang Li Xue was smart enough to see through all the traps and she could avoid all of it under all the guards' eyes then entered the fully locked mansion with all of its arrays. So his final conclusion was Tang Li Xue had the ability to pass through the wall and all obstacles like traps and arrays!
"So your last skill should be copying any technique you see, right? When I arrived at Pill Storage Room at that time, I felt something observing me so I attacked with my [Heaven Splitting Wave] without thinking. You must be copied my [Heaven Splitting Wave] at that time and used it against Elder Lin after that. What smart fox you are!" Mo Chonglin said all of this was to pressure Tang Li Xue even more.
This was another deduction he got after his physician inspected Elder Lin's wound and the one that the most familiar with [Heaven Splitting Wave] was no other than Mo Chonglin himself so he was really sure that Elder Lin's wound caused by 7th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave].
In Mo Chonglin's opinion, no matter how smart Tang Li Xue, she would surely never be able to learn the high-grade human martial art skill in one month! Moreover, it was impossible for her to use [Heaven Splitting Wave] as proficient as him in only one month!
So he concluded that the only answer was she copied his technique!
In this one month, Mo Chonglin was only ever used his [Heaven Splitting Wave] once and it was in the Pill Storage Room at Elder Lin's Residence!
"It looks like your ability would allow you to avoid the physical attack but I wonder if you would be able to avoid elemental attack too such as this…"Mo Chonglin rise his palm and a bolt of dense purple lightning condensed on the top of his palm.
Mo Chonglin was very sure that his attack in the Pill Storage Room hit Tang Li Xue perfectly but since she can still survive until now without any injuries, the answer should be that any physical attack would not be able to hurt her, the same as how she could pass through all physical objects!
But Mo Chonglin refused to believe that she even immune to elemental attack too! Since if she also immune to elemental attack did it mean she was already invincible? Why did she need to be so cautious in front of him now? She could just active her skill and run away from him!
Tang Li Xue felt her cold sweat starting to pour down from her forehead. If she activated her [Ethereal Form] and rashly trying to escape before, she should already turn into a meat paste by now!
While Mo Chonglin busily talked Tang Li Xue already stuffed her fur into the [Substitute Doll] in front of her!
[Successfully bind the Substitute Doll with the owner. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes would be transferred to Substitute Doll.]
'SUCCESS! Fuuuh… I don't know how this Substitute Doll works but at least it can let me survive from one of this bast*rd attack! Hopefully, it can let him think that I died under his attack and I can have a chance to escape using my [Ethereal Form] later!'
"But you don't have to worry… I will not kill you! The reason you follow my nephew because you only have him to rely on, right? Because he is the first person you meet and he also the person that brings you here but that's all! You only met him for more or less a month so you should not have any kind of attachment with him!" Mo Chonglin said with an amicable smile on his face.
'He will not kill me? After everything I have done to him and his people? What is his true scheme right now?'
"JOIN ME! With my authority, I can surely raise you and I will give you any resources you need to make you even stronger! With my strength and your abilities, we can become the strongest pair at Lightwind Continent in a few years!" Finally, Mo Chonglin said his offer after pressuring Tang Li Xue with his words for so long.
'So he wants to recruit me as his people… errr… as his pet? Well… actually, his offer is not bad at all… sigh… and what he said are mostly right too.'
"You can consider it carefully for a few minutes. But you really don't need to worry about betraying your conscience or master because, after today, my nephew would no longer able to accompany you anymore since I will send him to the netherworld soon. So it will be your choice whether you will stay here with me or go to the afterlife to accompany my nephew there!" Mo Chonglin said slowly as he took her cup of tea and drank it while he kept looking at Tang Li Xue.
'Dammit! What is this bast*rd do to my concubine?! What should I do now?!'