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Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: Mo Chonglin’s Cruelty!

Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Mo Chonglin’s Cruelty!

Xiao Hei's residence was actually the Patriarch Residence for many generations of Asura Demon Sect.
No one knew it that there was a secret teleportation array hidden inside the Patriarch Residence!
Only the people who had ever become Patriarch of Asura Demon Sect have the right to know its existence and location like Xiao Hei, his father, and grandfather. Not even his uncle knew about its existence and location of this hidden teleportation array.
The teleportation array key was also only passed down from one Patriarch generation to another and now the key was actually in Xiao Hei's hand!
Right now Xiao Hei planned to use this teleportation array hidden inside his residence to escape out from Asura Demon Sect temporarily until his grandfather comes back to the sect!
Just when Xiao Hei and all the elders on his side tried to break through from the encirclement outside the sect headquarter something unexpected happened!
The majestic deep-blue phoenix with crimson tails was soaring out to the sky from the ancestral hall's direction!
"Wha… what is that?!" One of the elders from Mo Chonglin side shuddered in fear and horror while pointing his finger toward the deep-blue phoenix that flying on the sky.
"It's… It is a phoenix! A phoenix flew out from our Asura Demon Sect's ancestral hall! Hahahaha… This must be a warning from our sect's ancestors gave for you all traitors! You all should stop now while you can and start to repent! If not you will make our sect ancestors angry and order that Phoenix burn you all to dust!" The elder from Xiao Hei's side took this rare chance to throw a threat.
Xiao Hei almost raised his thumb for this quick-witted elder and praised him for his action but the current tense situation made his refrain from doing that!
What happened next was the same as what Xiao Hei predicted, the majority of the elders from his uncle's side started to hesitate even their strong siege formation got thrown into chaos and panic now.
"Elder Shi… is that true? What… what if we really angered our ancestors?"
"Should we go and check our ancestral hall now? It is not too late for us to ask for our ancestor forgiveness, aren't we?"
"I… I don't want to do this anymore! If I knew it will become like this, I would rather choose to keep stay at the neutral side!"
"GO! FOLLOW MY LEAD!" Xiao Hei shouted with firm tone then started to charge toward the hole at their crumbling formation.
Xiao Hei and his group of elders did not meet any resistance or attack as they ran as fast as they can toward Xiao Hei's residence.
"Elder Luo! Quickly bring… all elders that still on our side and slow them down! Remember the Grand Elder's plan! Just do your best to slow them down! Try to deplete their stamina and Qi as much as you can!" Elder Shi told the elder beside him.
"Sigh… What about the rest of them, Elder Shi?" Elder Luo grimaced as he asked Elder Shi while pointing toward the crowd of panicked elders with his gaze.
"I will ask Grand Elder with my communication talisman right now! I will catch up with you all later!" Elder Luo took out his communication talisman from his spatial ring and began to contact Mo Chonglin's communication talisman.
Elder Luo nodded then brought tens of elders with him to chase after Xiao Hei and his group!
When Mo Chonglin picked up Elder Shi's call, Elder Shi immediately told Mo Chonglin what happened without any delay!
Elder Shi felt that with Mo Chonglin's cruel temperament, it was not impossible for Mo Chonglin to kill him if he messed the plan!
"There is no need for you to panic. Just ignore that whatever phoenix for now and focus on the task I gave to you before. Point your communication talisman to the crowd." Mo Chonglin's sound was so calm and collected without any ripple.
Even Elder Shi cannot help but admire Mo Chonglin's calmness even under this kind of unexpected situation.
Elder Shi pointed his communication talisman toward the panicked crowd of elders, he knew that Mo Chonglin has something to say to them.
"SHUT UP, YOU USELESS PIECES OF GARBAGE!" Mo Chonglin yelled through Elder Shi communication talisman.
The panicked crowd of elders that was shouting wants to give up or repent to ancestor instantly silenced by Mo Chonglin shout.
"I know what you all thinking. You are all in panic and insecure now because of a mere baseless phenomenon. Because you all think even if my plan to become the patriarch fails so what, you all would still stay as Asura Demon Sect's elder. At most my father would only lightly punish you all." Mo Chonglin's word was loud and clear but all the elders that heard it started to have a bad premonition.
"While I… I would probably be crippled or exiled from Asura Demon Sect by my father! You all are still thinking your choice would not have any impact on your future! Whether me or my nephew that becomes patriarch, it would not affect your position as Asura Demon Sect's elder. You all took my side because I offer you all more benefit than my nephew, that's all. BUT YOU ARE DEADLY WRONG!" Mo Chonglin's tone turned cold in an instant made all of the elders heard him began to sweating.
"Listen up you bunch of scum! I, Mo Chonglin would rather die than be crippled or exiled! But even if I fail to kill my nephew today, it would take a week for my father to come back into the sect! ONE WEEK! Think about it… Do you all think it would enough for me if I use that one week to massacre you all before I kill myself?" Mo Chonglin did not say any other words after that and disconnected his connection.
All the elders that heard Mo Chonglin's speech stunned silly by his last sentence. They all started to think if Mo Chonglin only trying to intimidate them to follow his command? Of course not!
Mo Chonglin's cruelty was already acknowledged by all the people in Asura Demon Sect. In fact, he was even called the Laughing Demon by the people from the other sect due to his cruelness. It was said that he could even still laughing while massacring or torturing many people!
Mo Chonglin said he would rather die than be crippled or exiled from the sect! All the elders surely believe that who can bear to be crippled or exiled by his own father.
Mo Chonglin also said he would kill all of them before commit suicide! If Mo Chonglin really lost everything he would surely going insane. All the elders really believe the first person Mo Chonglin would kill was all of them!
"Ha… ahahaha… How stupid of me… There is no phoenix in the Immortal World… so that phenomenon should be man-made by the Young Patriarch side to confuse us…" One of the panicked elders before started to calm down and said.
"Ahhh… I think so too!"
"That's true… Well said!"
Actually, if they were forced to chose, they would definitely choose to follow Mo Chonglin's order now rather than the dead ancestor's words!
Because if they defied the dead ancestor's words, they might possibly be cursed and die because of it but if they did not follow Mo Chonglin's order now, they would certainly die very soon!
After they all reached a consensus, they started to follow Elder Shi's arrangement and began to chase Xiao Hei and his group in a hurry!
Mo Chonglin's order right now was not to kill Xiao Hei or any of his group, they could only try to exhaust Xiao Hei and his group down as much as possible for now!
All the elders including Elder Shi or Elder Luo really did not understand why Grand Elder ordered them to do so.
They must kill Xiao Hei at all cost but why Grand Elder ordered only to exhaust him and his group for now?!
However, they really did not dare to question any of Grand Elder commands so they could only do their best to carry them out.
Xiao Hei and all the elders on his side were rushing back toward Xiao Hei residence as fast as they could now.
Unfortunately, Elder Luo's countless poisonous insects kept harassing them on the way so they can only proceed carefully while ward off the countless poisonous insects away with their Qi or martial art techniques!
Moreover, several other elders attacked Xiao Hei and his group from distance and forced them to defend against all of those attacks!
With Xiao Hei's intelligence, he noticed it in an instant that Mo Chonglin's people actually did not plan to kill them for now but only plan to wear them out, but why?