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Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: Xiao Hei’s Crisis!

Chapter 78: Chapter 78: Xiao Hei’s Crisis!

'Calm down, Tang Li Xue! Think carefully… if I roaming around randomly in this kind of situation, I will only waste my precious time and who knows when I will be able to find Xiao Hei in this vast sect ground.'
Tang Li Xue closed her eyes as her mind started to spin at full speed.
'Wait… why no one came to check when the blue phoenix made that big commotion before? Because the fatty uncle ordered them to ignore it? Maybe it is so… but why? Surely because they are too busy with something so they have no time to care about the commotion I created! Sigh… since it was like that, it means Xiao Hei is still safe for now!'
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief because it would make it more difficult for her to save Xiao Hei if he had already fallen into Mo Chonglin's hands now.
'Also… why is that fatty uncle waiting in Xiao Hei's room? Is he waiting for me? Impossible, right? How could he know I will come back to Xiao Hei's room tonight? Because of that blue phoenix? Impossible too, even if he guessed that it is me but there is no guarantee I will come back tonight…'
Tang Li Xue shuddered as she realized something very important in her mind!
'OH NO! What if that fatty uncle is not waiting for me but waiting for Xiao Hei to come back home! This is bad! I should hurry!'
Tang Li Xue did not want to be seen before she could do anything so she activated her [Ethereal Form] back and her petite figure turned transparent in an instant.
She used her full speed plus [Sprint] skill and dashed back toward Xiao Hei's residence but of course, she did not plan to enter that monster's lair anymore like before.
Since if Tang Li Xue did not guess wrongly, her Xiao Hei should be on his way back from the Sect's headquarter to his residence!
She must stop Xiao Hei on his way back to his residence as soon as possible so he did not fall into the fatty uncle's trap!

Tang Li Xue did not know that even without going back to his residence, Xiao Hei was already in dire strait now!
Every sect's power in this Lightwind Continent heavily was depending on the number of their elders at the Foundation Establishment Stage. Every cultivator under Foundation Establishment Stage was no more than cannon fodder in the war between sects.
There were more than 300 elders at Foundation Establishment Stage in Asura Demon Sect. But do not think that 300 elders already many, on the contrary, Asura Demon Sect were actually on the decline. In its peak, Asura Demon Sect has more than 800 elders at Foundation Establishment Stage.
The current strongest righteous sect, Sword Immortal Sect already had more than 1,000 Foundation Establishment Stage elders and still kept increasing until now making all evil sects like Asura Demon Sect feel great pressure from it and under turmoil now.
In everyone's knowledge, Xiao Hei should have 20% supports from the total Asura Demon Sect's elders while Mo Chonglin has 40% and their grandfather, Mo Chanming have the rest 40%.
However, Mo Chonglin was even capable to make several of Xiao Hei's trusted aides to betray their master. Then what makes everyone think Mo Chonglin did not have the ability to convince the elders from the other side to turn their back and join his side?!
In fact, Mo Chonglin already made this move a long time ago!
While everyone still thinking that the situation in Asura Demon Sect will remain stagnant for a long period of time, Mo Chonglin already managed to get many elders from Xiao Hei and Mo Chanming side.
However, they still kept silent about it under Mo Chonglin 's order to make all the people in the sect remain clueless.
Until tonight, where Mo Chonglin started to bare his sharp fang to Xiao Hei!
Only tonight everyone knows that Mo Chonglin was actually had more than 70% supports from the total Asura Demon Sect's elders!
Mo Chanming already long did not participate in any Asura Demon Sect's matter so the elder supporting him already shrunk to 20%.
While currently Xiao Hei was in reality only had 10% supports from all elders!
Right now, Xiao Hei was still in Asura Demon Sect's headquarter but the building itself was already surrounded by more than 200 elders from Mo Chonglin's side!
"Young Patriarch, just give in! If you give up now, at the very least we can spare all the people on your side!" One of the elders that surrounded the headquarter shout.
"Shut up, you traitor! How can you all act so presumptuous to surround the sect headquarter and even trying to arrest your own Patriarch! I bet when the Former Patriarch comes back later the first things he would do is to skin all of you alive!" The elder from Xiao Hei's side angrily replied.
"Bwahahahaha… Unfortunately, the Former Patriarch already went to Blood Devil Sect to attend his old friend's birthday, he will not come back for a few weeks. By the time he comes back, our grand elder would already become a new patriarch! What can the Former Patriarch do by then? Make another child? Or resurrect our pitiful young patriarch? Bwahahaha…" The other elder from Mo Chonglin's side mocked.
Mo Chonglin's plan this time was extremely simple but very effective!
He planned to kill Xiao Hei then replace his place, and become the new patriarch before Mo Chanming could come back from Blood Devil Sect!
Xiao Hei could only grit his teeth and started to think about how he could survive in this critical situation.
"Young Patriarch, this cannot continue! This headquarter protection array will not be able to hold on any longer! What shall we do now?!" One of the anxious elders forcefully asked Xiao Hei's decision.
Xiao Hei started to think about his next moves. The only way for him to survive was to escape out from Asura Demon Sect for a few weeks until his grandfather come back from Blood Devil Sect!
After that Xiao Hei was really sure that his grandfather would punish his uncle heavily this time maybe even banish his uncle out from the Asura Demon Sect but of course that only possible if Xiao Hei could survive until then!
If he died before his grandfather come back then his uncle would become the next patriarch of Asura Demon Sect and after that, even his grandfather can no longer punish him anymore.
Why? The reason was really simple!
The patriarch was the highest position in the sect so his grandfather was no longer holds any authority to punish him!
Moreover, if Xiao Hei died then his uncle would be his grandfather only son so no matter how angry his grandfather would be, he could never have the heart to banish, cripple, or kill his uncle!
"Young Patriarch, they even activated the Sect Great Protection Array to trap us inside the sect! We would not be able to fly out from the sect too!" The other elder notified Xiao Hei.
Xiao Hei could only shake his head after hearing this.
The Sect Great Protection Array was a super strong barrier shaped spherical like a ball with Asura Demon Sect at its core. It would protect Asura Demon Sect from every direction even the attack from the skies and underground!
The Sect Great Protection Array should be used to protect the Asura Demon Sect from any external harm but now it was ironically used to trap its own patriarch inside.
To escape out from Asura Demon Sect, Xiao Hei could only run to the Asura Demon's gate, and forcefully break out from there!
Or Xiao Hei also had the other way to escape from the sect secretly, the way that only Asura Demon Sect's patriarch knew…
"Young Patriarch! Headquarter protection array has been broken!"
"let's go out now and heading to my residence!" Xiao Hei took the lead and charges out from the sect headquarter.