Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: Tang Li Xue’s Warning!

Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Tang Li Xue’s Warning!

Xiao Hei and his group busied themselves repelling Elder Luo's countless poisonous insects and several elders ranged attacks while proceeding at the snail pace toward Xiao Hei's residence.
Xiao Hei unleashed his 4th layer of [Heaven Splitting Wave] and managed to clear a large number of poisonous flying insects in front of him.
Xiao Hei activated his Light Body Technique and his figure vanished in an instant.
While several elders from Mo Chonglin's side still confused because of it, Elder Luo was so shocked when the disappeared Xiao Hei appeared so close to him right now.
[Asura King Fist]!
Xiao Hei's used his martial art technique and his fist packed full of compressed Qi smashed onto Elder Luo's face.
Elder Luo's body flung far away backward, even after his body hit the ground, it still left a deep long trail on the floor.
Xiao Hei still held some of his strength back since he did not plan to kill the elder from his own sect but even so his fist should be enough to make Elder Luo bedridden for a few months.
Elder Luo was not a fighter-type cultivator. He was more like a demonic insect breeder so his combat skill was very weak and that was why Xiao Hei can knock him out with one hit so easily.
After Elder Luo went unconscious, there was no one can control all the poisonous insects and it quickly scattered away in all directions.
"LET'S GO!" Xiao Hei dashed back toward his group and they continue their way to Patriarch Residence while several elders from Mo Chonglin's side still helped Elder Luo.
Xiao Hei and his group were really dejected since they cannot use their flying sword to fly directly to Patriarch Residence because the Great Protection Array prohibits any creature flying inside it.
Of course, Great Protection Array can only prohibit any creature flying using their cultivation and not with their wings like the blue phoenix, or Elder Luo's poisonous insects.
It did not take long before more than a hundred other elders from Mo Chonglin's side to catch up with Elder Luo's group.
"What happened? Where is the Young Patriarch go?" Elder Shi asked one of the elders in Elder Luo's group.
"Young Patriarch went that way after he knocked out Elder Luo!" The elder pointed his finger to the Patriarch residence's direction.
"You can bring Elder Luo back to his place and call the physician to check his condition! The other elders please follow me!" Elder Shi said in a hurry and quickly continue his way to chase Xiao Hei's group.
When Xiao Hei and his group were still traveling as fast as possible toward Xiao Hei Residence, Tang Li Xue managed to see them in the dark night using her [Night Vision] skill!
'XIAO HEI! Sigh… it looks like my guess is right! Fortunately, he has not arrived yet at the residence!'
Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form] so Xiao Hei could see her later and she quickly ran toward Xiao Hei and his group.
"XIAO BAI!" Xiao Hei shouted in surprise when he saw Tang Li Xue ran toward him.
Actually, Xiao Hei was already drowned in worry because Tang Li Xue went missing for almost a week now.
He even ordered his own personal guards like Feng San and several others to search Tang Li Xue in every nook and cranny but they still did not found any clue about Tang Li Xue's whereabouts.
Xiao Hei almost decided to ask his own uncle about Tang Li Xue whereabouts if he still cannot find her until tomorrow but his uncle did not give him a chance to do so since he already decided to eliminate Xiao Hei tonight.
Tang Li Xue jumped toward Xiao Hei and Xiao Hei also caught her tiny body with both of his hands then embraced her with a gentle smile on his face.
All the elders on Xiao Hei's side were dumbfounded when they saw their cold and rigid young patriarch could actually show this kind of gentle expression.
Xiao Hei coughed a bit to cover his embarrassment in front of his own subordinates and started to put his cold angry expression to scold Tang Li Xue.
"Where have you been?! You have been missing for almost an entire week! Do you know how worried I was?!" Xiao Hei raised Tang Li Xue's tiny body from his chest and started to scold her a bit.
Tang Li Xue rolled her eye while thinking: 'Xiao Hei, is it really the right time to rebuke me? HELLO! Please remember! We are in a very dangerous situation right now!'
Surely even one of the elders in Xiao Hei's side had the same opinion as Tang Li Xue and quickly reminded Xiao Hei politely: "Uhhh… Young Patriarch, this subordinate thinks it's better if we continue our way quickly before all of our pursuers catch up to us."
Xiao Hei nodded toward the elder that had given him the suggestion and stuffed Tang Li Xue into his clothes then continue their way back to Xiao Hei's residence.
Tang Li Xue peeked her head out from inside Xiao Hei's clothes and she still heard Xiao Hei mumbled to her: "Look how I will fix you after all of this over! I will… I will not cook any of your favorite roasted meat for one week as your punishment!"
Tang Li Xue facepalmed, she even almost fell out from Xiao Hei's clothes when she heard Xiao Hei's threat.
However, Tang Li Xue quickly regained her serious demeanor when she realized where Xiao Hei and his group heading.
Tang Li Xue swiftly jumped out from Xiao Hei's clothes to his right shoulder and pulled Xiao Hei's collar to gain his attention.
"Xiao Bai! Do not be naughty! We are in a hurry here! There is a very scary group of people chasing behind us so be good for now! Alright… Alright… You win… I will cook your favorite roasted meat for you later!" Xiao Hei whispered to Tang Li Xue while patting her head with his big warm palm.
Tang Li Xue: '...…..'
'Who the hell wants your roasted meat?! Ummm… but come to think of it, I still have not eaten anything for almost a week! How good it will be if I can eat a plate full of roasted meat… No, no, no! Tang Li Xue! Remember your first objective and quest first!'
Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not have any time to bring some books with her before so she could only use her crude gesture to try to warn Xiao Hei now.
Tang Li Xue pointed one of her paws toward Xiao Hei's residence then she made a cross sign with both of her paws.
Xiao Hei frowned a bit when he saw Tang Li Xue was trying to tell him something using her paw gesture and then he slowly say: "What?! You don't want to eat the roasted meat I make any more! Xiao Bai… I only warned you a bit before, it's not like I will really not cook it for you as your punishment! Is there any need for you to feel that angry with me?"
Tang Li Xue almost coughed out several mouthfuls of blood this time when she heard Xiao Hei's annoying words.
'Is there a simple way to make this dumbass to understand my words now? Sigh… if only I have some books with me now…'