Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 81 - Chapter 81: Pursuit!

Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Pursuit!

Tang Li Xue jumped down from Xiao Hei's shoulder and landed on the ground.
"XIAO BAI!" Xiao Hei reached his right hand trying to catch Tang Li Xue but she quickly jumped back to dodge it.
'Good… at least he stopped heading to his uncle's direction for now! I have to think something quick before uncle's people come here!'
This time Tang Li Xue pointed her paw to Xiao Hei's residence direction then made a bulging stomach gesture with both of her paws. She pointed back her paw to Xiao Hei then to Xiao Hei's residence direction first before making cutting throat gesture in the end.
'In that direction… there is your fatty uncle… if you kept heading there… you will DIE!'
"You want me to go back to residence now and feed you roasted meat until you full if not you will kill me as soon as we arrive back at my residence? Xiao Bai! This is not the right time to argue about this! Both of us will die if we keep staying here like this!" Xiao Hei's face turned darker and he even gritted his teeth in anger this time.
Tang Li Xue knocked both of her paws to the ground out of frustration and dejection.
'Dammit! Dammit! Xiao Hei! Why…why are you so stupid like your aide this time?! Sigh… but come to think about it my interaction with Xiao Hei before was always about roasted meat… so it is not that weird if he thinks I ask about it too this time?'
'No, no, no, no… I traded all of my pills with him before this too! So it is clearly not my fault! It is his fault!'
However, even though she managed to tell Xiao Hei about it so what? Where can they go now to escape from fatty uncle's pursuit?
Headache… Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead with his paw while she kept thinking of any solution.
Today was probably the day where Tang Li Xue was using her brain the most, she even felt that her brain almost short-circuited because of it!
"Young Patriarch! Please be hurry! We don't have any more time!" All of the elders on Xiao Hei's side started to get impatient and anxious. They really cannot understand why their cold young patriarch put so much care for this stupid spoiled fox even in this dire situation where their lives still barely hanging on the thin thread.
But when all hope seems dim, something important flashed in Tang Li Xue's mind.
Tang Li Xue slapped her forehead with her paw while thinking: 'Ah… How can I forget about that?! Don't I also have someone who can match that fatty uncle's strength on my side?! The fake dragon!'
Tang Li Xue did not waste any more time and swiftly dashed toward the farm direction. She stopped after running more than ten meters then waved her paw to Xiao Hei, signaled him to quickly follow her now.
Xiao Hei frowned deeper when he saw how stubborn Tang Li Xue's act now. Only he knew that Tang Li Xue was actually a savage beast with the brain as smart as a normal human since she did not want to go back to his residence then that means there were probably some dangerous traps placed there.
But no matter how dangerous the traps were, Xiao Hei still thought his only chance to escape from this sect was only the teleportation array hidden inside his residence and he was willing to gamble for it.
Xiao Hei hesitated for a while, in the end, he gritted his teeth and turned around facing all of his loyal subordinates that support him through all trial and tribulation until now.
"All of my brothers and sisters! I have already decided not to head back to Patriarch Residence. I believe with my uncle's intelligence, he would certainly place some dangerous traps, and waiting for us to jump in!" Xiao Hei cupped his hands toward the crowd and explained politely.
"Young Patriarch, where are we going now? It will also very dangerous for us if we kept staying inside the sect!" One of the elders asked.
"I have decided to follow my fox's lead. I know some of you will doubt my choice so I would like to thank you for all of your trust and effort to support me until now. I believe it is not too late for you if you want to join my uncle's side now. He will surely welcome you with open arms." Xiao Hei sincerely thanked them all and even suggested them to change side if they wanted to since he could see many doubts flashed deep in the eyes of some of them.
To be exact, all of these elders on his side was still here supporting him, not because they really wanted to work, trust, or loyal to Xiao Hei but because they owe their lives to his late father before.
Even though Xiao Hei was a genius but he was too young after all and his time in the Asura Demon Sect was still too short to build solid foundation and relation with any elders in the sect like his uncle or his father.
In the end, among more than forty elders, only five elders remained.
Xiao Hei did not mind it and thanked them all once again then he turned around to leave with the five remaining elders but before that…
[Scorching Flame Saber]!
[Freezing Bolt]!
[Sharp Wind Blade]!
"Xiao Bai, Watch out!" Xiao Hei used his Light Body Technique and appeared in front of Tang Li Xue in an instant then waved his right hand to repel all attacks.
Actually, all of these attacks did not specifically target Tang Li Xue but they only planned to rain their martial art techniques down to slow down Xiao Hei and his group like before.
However, all the people here have already reached Foundation Establishment Stage, only Tang Li Xue have not so if the shockwaves from it accidentally hit her, she would surely become meat patty under that strong force.
Bang… Bang… Bang…
Although these attacks caught Xiao Hei off guard but he still could easily neutralize two of those attacks while one of them hit his left shoulder.
Tang Li Xue panicked a bit when she saw one of that strong attacks hit Xiao Hei but she calmed down when she saw Xiao Hei's expression did not change.
"GO!" Xiao Hei picked Tang Li Xue's tiny body with his right hand and quickly went to the direction where Tang Li Xue pointed before.
Tang Li Xue's heart was really touched when Xiao Hei decided to fully believe in her once again and he even used his own body to protect her.
Tang Li Xue stealthy took one strand of Xiao Hei's long silky black hair.
Xiao Hei also realized it but he did not have any time to care about it for now since his pursuer already so close with him right now.
Tang Li Xue silently took out the last one unused [Substitute Doll] and stuffed Xiao Hei's strand of hair inside it.
[Successfully bind the Substitute Doll with the owner's subordinate. From now on any damage or lethal damage the owner takes would be transferred to Substitute Doll.]
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she accepted notification from the system.
'So I could really use this [Substitute Doll] for someone else other than myself! Sigh… Here it goes my last [Substitute Doll]… Hopefully, this would be enough to protect me and Xiao Hei out of this danger.'