Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 82 - Chapter 82: Arrived at the Fortress!

Chapter 82: Chapter 82: Arrived at the Fortress!

Elder Shi and his group followed so tightly behind Xiao Hei's group while Xiao Hei's group was also throwing some attacks from time to time to slow their pursuer down.
Unfortunately, Mo Chonglin's people that chase after Xiao Hei were simply too many and they gradually surrounded Xiao Hei's group with fan-shaped formation from behind.
Xiao Hei and his group were already having a very hard time defending themselves from the flood of attacks by more than one hundred and fifty of Mo Chonglin's people even when Xiao Hei's group almost reached fifty people before, let alone now that Xiao Hei's group only left with only five people.
Most of their pursuers' attacks were actually neutralized by Xiao Hei now.
Did not know why but it looks like Xiao Hei was getting bolder and bolder when defending against any attacks thrown by all pursuers now ever since Tang Li Xue successfully binding Xiao Hei with her last [Substitute Doll].
Tang Li Xue peeked out her tiny furry head from Xiao Hei's clothes and her expression turned dark in an instant.
'I am pretty sure this scummy Xiao Hei already noticed that he has not received any damage even after being struck by so many attacks, that's why he is getting more and more reckless now!'
' Xiao Hei, Hei, Xiao Hei… please! Really… really… please! Don't test your limit like this… errr… No, it should be... please, don't test my [Substitute Doll] limit like this! It's my last one! If you break it then you will not have any more extra life to save yourself at the critical moment later!'
Tang Li Xue took out Xiao Hei's [Substitute Doll] from her system inventory to check it.
She sighed in relief when she saw that Xiao Hei's [Substitute Doll] only cracked a bit, about only one or two millimeters but the crack kept increasing bit by bit.
But at the very least, Xiao Hei's [Substitute Doll] should hold out long enough until Tang Li Xue, Xiao Hei, and his group arrived at Fake Dragon's Fortress without breaking.
[Asura Flying Nail]!
[Earth Jaw]!
[Sharp Blood Bullet]!
Torrent of fierce attacks kept raining down on Xiao Hei and his group!
If not for Xiao Hei's protection, Tang Li Xue's tiny body would already turn into blood mist if she got hit by the shockwave from any of these fierce attacks!
The battle between Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators was not something where Tang Li Xue could meddle.
Tang Li Xue's total current strength was only somewhere around mid-rank Qi Condensation Stage right now.
Even though she had some powerful divine abilities but all Qi Condensation Stage cultivators could already start to learn some powerful martial arts or spells too.
Moreover, Tang Li Xue completely lacked in fighting experience since she basically only reincarnated into this Immortal World for no more than two months!
While Xiao Hei's group and Mo Chonglin's group were busy fighting with each other, Elder Shi frowned as he realized the direction they were heading was not Patriarch's Residence as before.
Elder Shi quickly took his communication talisman and told Mo Chonglin what happened right away including most of Xiao Hei's people changed side and only leaving five elders on Xiao Hei's side right now.
Unfortunately, Elder Shi did not inform Mo Chonglin about the silver-white fox that clinging on Xiao Hei right now since Mo Chonglin did not tell anyone about Tang Li Xue even after he used his Soul Scoured Technique to Elder Lin so the current Mo Chonglin still thinking Tang Li Xue died in his hands before.
"They are not heading here anymore?" Mo Chonglin also frowned when he heard what Elder Shi told him through communication talisman.
Mo Chonglin was not surprised that the majority of Xiao Hei's group changed to his side since it was already in his prediction since the very start.
Who wants to follow a failed leader until his death bed? That was why Mo Chonglin only ordered all his people to harass them, drained their stamina, and not to kill anybody.
But Xiao Hei headed toward Patriarch Residence and using Secret Teleportation Array was also in Mo Chonglin's plan!
Mo Chonglin already planned from the start to push Xiao Hei to use the Secret Teleportation Array so he could know the hidden location of that Secret Teleportation Array and forcefully took its key from Xiao Hei before killing him.
As for the possibility for Xiao Hei escaped using Secret Teleportation Array?
Mo Chonglin could only sneer at it.
Any Teleportation Array needs a quite long time to prepare before activating it. Even the fastest one would need at least five to ten minutes if Mo Chonglin cannot cripple or kill Xiao Hei in that time then he would rather commit suicide with a block of tofu.
Then how could Mo Chonglin know about the Secret Teleportation Array that only the patriarch knew?
This was actually a really foolish question to ask!
Which big sect did not have any back door for their leader or patriarch to escape in the dire moment?
Should they die with their sects if some powerful foes come to their front door? Then how about their sect legacy? Throwing their lives until the last drop of blood and everything would be buried along with their sects?
Of course not! Every sect whether big or small has its own back door to escape at the critical moment!
Even if their leader or patriarch must fight to their death, at least they could send their family along with their clan or sect important legacies away to a safe place before the deadly fight broke out.
Mo Chonglin closed his eyes and tapping his finger on the tea table to think.
'Why is my nephew not run back to this residence? Is it possible for that Secret Teleportation Array to not located in this residence but at another place? Impossible!'
Mo Chonglin was 100% sure that the Secret Teleportation Array located in this Patriarch Residence!
"Do it like what we planned before! Don't use any lethal attacks yet. Just use any attacks to slow them down and drain their stamina, I want them all alive! Keep monitoring their movement and report back to me once they arrived at their destination!" Mo Chonglin ordered Elder Shi with a stern tone and disconnected their communication talisman after that.
Secret Teleportation Array cannot be placed at any random place or it could be used by the spies from another sect to sneak in and out.
According to Mo Chonglin's analysis, there were two places where Secret Teleportation Array could be placed safely.
The first place was the Sect Headquarter where many elders come and go every day. Any intruders that tried to sneak in would definitely have a death wish if they dare to try it.
But do not forget that most of the elders in Asura Demon Sect were actually at Mo Chonglin's side currently! They already had searched at every nook and cranny of the Sect Headquarter and did not find any single clue about it.
Moreover, there were too many eyes watching at Sect Headquarter and if the patriarch was using the Secret Teleportation Array and suddenly missing from the Sect Headquarter, it would certainly cause some suspicion since a long time ago.
Then only the second place left... this Patriarch Residence!
In this Patriarch Residence, the patriarch could use closed-door cultivation as their excuse, and even if they were using Secret Teleportation Array and went missing for a few months, no one would feel anything strange at all.
Mo Chonglin sneered coldly after he ascertained his analysis once again.
'It would be really boring if everything goes as I planned. I really am looking forward to what kind of surprise you will bring me this time, my dear nephew!'
After fifteen or twenty minutes of fierce struggle, Xiao Hei and his group finally managed to reach a strange fortress inside the farm's desolate area albeit barely since they were extremely exhausted now and their bodies also inflicted with many different kinds of injuries.
But when Xiao Hei's group and Mo Chonglin's group started to approach the strange fortress while fighting fiercely against each other...
Powerful pressure came out from the strange fortress pushed all of them away. It even made more than half of the current two hundred elders flew backward several meters and coughed out several mouthfuls of blood.