Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: Tang Li Xue's Headache!

Chapter 83: Chapter 83: Tang Li Xue's Headache!

Powerful violent pressure made all one hundred and fifty elders there suffocated and hard to breathe.
All the people there did not even dare to move as the pressure kept suppressed them. They could only stare in shock at the strange fortress, their eyes were full of horror and fear.
While all the elders there were too stunned with what happened, Xiao Hei looked at his surrounding with the gaze full of doubt because right now… he did not even feel anything! He did not even felt a tiny bit of pressure!
If not for some elders from his side also fell down to the ground and coughed out a mouthful of blood, Xiao Hei would probably think that his enemies put an act to trick him right now!
Of course, the reason for Xiao Hei did not receive any pressure was actually because he has a certain white-silver fox hid in his clothes right now.
Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes when she saw Xiao Hei's current bewildered and dumbfounded expression. She jumped out from Xiao Hei's chest and ran toward the fortress gate then pushed it open with both of her paws.
The fortress gate only opened a bit. Tang Li Xue waved her paw to Xiao Hei signaled him to follow her and then she leisurely entered the strange fortress.
Xiao Hei was too stunned with what happened, he did not even realize it when Tang Li Xue jumped out from his clothes and pushed open the fortress gate.
The moment Xiao Hei regained his wits, he saw Tang Li Xue waved her paw to him in front of the fortress gate.
Xiao Hei's heart almost jumped out from his chest, he wanted to prevent Tang Li Xue from recklessly entering the fortress but he was one step late since Tang Li Xue already leisurely entered the fortress before his very eyes.
Xiao Hei was very afraid that something bad will happen to her so he swiftly followed Tang Li Xue and entered the strange fortress too.
The other five elders from Xiao Hei's side was hesitating for a few moments before gritted their teeth and resolved to follow their Young Patriarch step to enter the fortress.
Xiao Hei and his group dropped their jaws in astonishment when they saw the mighty gigantic wyrm chained inside the strange fortress.
But the comical scene in front of their eyes did completely not match with the grandeur of such a terrifying creature…
A majestic wyrm was currently rebuking a tiny little fox like a mother scolding her naughty child…
"Little lass, you… you… look at what you have done this time?! You knew that I cannot stand any humans, right? You knew that I really hate humans, right? Why?! Why?! Why did you still bring so many of them here?!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard gritted its teeth in frustration.
"Ai… ai… ai… stop... stop… stop… STHAAAP! Look… look at what you did now?! You… Little lass, why did you bring such filthy little things inside here?! I… I will be really angry to death because of you today!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard stared at Xiao Hei and his group full of disgust as if they were some filthy rats from the sewer.
"Little lass, how many times I already said it to you before?! Do not play with any humans anymore! They are very wicked, full of trickery and deception, filthy, smelly, treacherous, bloodthirsty, unreasonable, sinister, malicious, evil, liar, lustful, vicious…" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard habit to badmouthing humans started to show once again.
Tang Li Xue facepalmed as she saw the fake dragon had already started its non-stop blabbering…
'Oh, come on, mom! We really do not have the time for this right now!'
Tang Li Xue put one of her paws on her snout then pointed her other paw to the fortress gate.
'Can you shut up for now?! We have many pursuers outside! They can barge in at any moment!'
Just like what Tang Li Xue has said, all Mo Chonglin's people that waited outside started to feel restless in a few minutes after Xiao Hei and his group entered the fake dragon's fortress.
Under Elder Shi's command, ten elders with the strongest cultivation stood in front of the fortress gate. They wanted to try to barge in and check what was going on inside the strange fortress. Also to make sure if Xiao Hei and the five elders by his side were still alive or not before Elder Shi can inform everything back to Mo Chonglin.
Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's mood already turned sour when Tang Li Xue 'invited' her six filthy human friends into its home and now another ten of uninvited filthy humans wanted to enter its home too?!
Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was very angry right now.
'All of these impudent humans! Do they really think my home is their own place where they can play hide and seek? UNFORGIVABLE!'
When the ten elders under Elder Shi's command opened the fortress gate, they were welcomed by the fierce destructive golden flames spilling out from inside the strange fortress.
The ten elders did not even have any time to dodge or scream before the majestic golden flames turned them all to dust!
Unfortunately, that was still not the end of it!
The mighty destructive golden flames kept shooting out from the strange fortress's gate, its speed was unimaginably fast, and it fried another twenty or more elders to ashes on its path!
Elder Shi fell down on the ground out of shock and fear, he almost pissed on his own pants when he saw how easy his colleagues died because of that golden flames.
He quickly took out his communication talisman with his trembling hands and tried to contact Mo Chonglin.
When Mo Chonglin picked up his call, Elder Shi informed what happened from the start until now right away.
"Wait for me there and do not make any rash move." Mo Chonglin's stern voice resounded from Elder Shi's communication talisman before he cut their connection.
Elder Shi sighed in relief the moment he heard Mo Chonglin's order. Elder Shi would probably feel a great headache right now if Mo Chonglin still ordered him to check what happened inside the strange fortress no matter what it took.
Of course, Mo Chonglin would never do that since anyone who held the elder position was the true core of the sect, the total number of elders the sect possessed was the symbol of the sect's strength. He would not let any elder from his sect waste their life meaninglessly.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard snorted coldly after it sprayed out some of its terrifying golden flames onto the fortress gate.
Xiao Hei's expression turned solemn and the five elders' faces behind him already pale out of fright.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief since now she has some time to melt Fake Dragon's chain. She wanted to try using her evolved Flame of Pride to do it but right now, she was not sure anymore since Fake Dragon's own golden flame already so much more powerful and more terrifying than her Flame of Pride.
Tang Li Xue waved her paw to Fake Dragon and pointed toward Xiao Hei. She also waved her paw to Xiao Hei and pointed toward Fake Dragon.
'Fake Dragon, I don't have time to explain it to you and it's not like I can explain it with my gesture alone so just let Xiao Hei would explain all of it to you! Xiao Hei, can you help me and tell everything to Fake Dragon?'
Xiao Hei nodded to Tang Li Xue. There was no need for Xiao Hei to guess what Tang Li Xue's gesture means since in this kind of situation, someone really should explain the reason why they were here and Xiao Hei also wanted to ask for the fake dragon's help.
In Xiao Hei's mind, he only planned to ask for the fake dragon so it would let him stay here for a few weeks until his grandfather went back to the sect.
Xiao Hei cupped his hands respectfully and says: "Greeting to Exalted Master…"
"SHUT UP!" The fake dragon roared loudly full of anger. Its murderous stare made Xiao Hei's face turned paler.
Tang Li Xue facepalmed again in frustration.
'Sigh… It looks like this will not be easy…'