Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: Harsh Truth!

Chapter 84: Chapter 84: Harsh Truth!

In the end, Tang Li Xue was forced to waste her precious few minutes to pacify the fake dragon's bad mood while Xiao Hei explained everything to the fake dragon in detail.
After Xiao Hei finished telling everything, the fake dragon did not have any reaction and only yawned in boredom.
Xiao Hei's lips twitched a bit in anger when the fake dragon completely ignored him like an empty air but there was nothing he could do under this situation. At least, the fake dragon did not drive them out in anger for now so they should be allowed to stay here.
Actually, Red-Eyes Winged Lizard wanted to drive all humans away as soon as possible but there was nothing it can do since they were brought here by the little lass so it can only swallow its anger for now even if it was extremely disgusted by these humans.
Xiao Hei only asked for the fake dragon's permission to let him and his people stay here for a few weeks until his grandfather came back to the sect while Tang Li Xue had her own different plan.
Xiao Hei's plan was not bad but Tang Li Xue had a nagging feeling that everything would not go so smoothly.
First, fatty uncle's target was only Xiao Hei and fake dragon's hatred for humans was very clear. Tang Li Xue was sure fake dragon would fight with fatty uncle If that fatty uncle forcefully barge in but she really doubted that fake dragon would go so far to protect her Xiao Hei in that intense fight.
Second, Tang Li Xue was not sure if the fake dragon really could win if it fought with the fatty uncle while still being chained like this.
Tang Li Xue dashed toward the nearby black thick chain and she opened her mouth.
[Fire Breath]!
Deep-blue flames adorned with crimson light specks were spraying out from Tang Li Xue's mouth and blasted the black thick chain.
Forget about shattering or melting it, Tang Li Xue's deep-blue flames did not even manage to scratch the black thick chain at all.
Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in frustration and this time she decided to compress all of her deep-blue flames on one spot.
The giant three meters tall deep-blue flames compressed into a tiny ball under Tang Li Xue's control but that tiny ball of deep-blue flames kept getting bigger and bigger but she kept compressed it again and again.
The fake dragon wanted to stop Tang Li Xue's futile action but its eyes widened in surprise when it saw Tang Li Xue's deep-blue flames.
The fake dragon's talkative nature almost kicked in and it opened its mouth but it immediately closed its mouth back when it realized there were humans here.
The fake dragon really wanted to explain what the deep-blue flames truly were and how valuable it was to Tang Li Xue but it also knew that human greed knew no bounds.
It would be a disaster if these ugly filthy evil humans realized the flame's true value and decided to ambush her outside then forcefully extract the flames out of her body in the end!
So the fake dragon decided to swallow all of its words back to its throat.
While the fake dragon was still in its deep thought, Tang Li Xue already finished compressing her Flame of Pride to her maximum capability and she threw it toward the thick black chain while hastily retreated back.
[Fire Bomb]!
The fake dragon waved its giant claw to protect Tang Li Xue from the explosion shockwave.
After a few moments, Tang Li Xue checked the thick black chain but she found out that it still did not even have any scratch on it. Tang Li Xue's expression turned sour, she was really disappointed and frustrated.
"Little lass, there is no need to feel so down. These mysterious black chains are made from a special material that can seal and absorb any kind of energy. It has already absorbed my vitality energy for who knows how long, so it is least afraid of the fire element. So it makes sense if your flame cannot melt or shatter it yet for now." The fake dragon tried to console Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue was still drowned in her own disappointment so she did not hear the fake dragon's words clearly.
The fake dragon even spilled some clue and said 'your flame cannot melt or shatter it YET FOR NOW' so the fake dragon was very sure her flame could definitely do it in the future since the fake dragon also realized that Tang Li Xue's deep-blue flame was still in its embryonic form.
'It looks like there is no other choice other than asking for the fake dragon's protection and waiting here until Xiao Hei's grandfather comes back... Sigh... and here I thought I can use this chance to release the fake dragon out... but a few weeks! I really doubt it if that cunning uncle will wait for us outside like a good boy in these few weeks.' Tang Li Xue's thought while shook her furry head in bitterness.
The fake dragon stared at Tang Li Xue full of fondness.
The more it saw this little lass, the more it fancied her.
The fake dragon really liked how intelligent Tang Li Xue was, even though she was only at savage beast level for now. It was hard to imagine how smart she would become if she evolved into the same level as it in the future.
Moreover, she had that mysterious unique deep-blue flame with her now!
The fake dragon was very sure that Tang Li Xue would have a really bright future in front of her!
Unfortunately, she also has her own fatal flaw...
She was too close to humans and too trusting!
For the fake dragon, this was the most fatal flaw in Tang Li Xue, the flaw that could completely ruin her whole future.
The fake dragon was thinking deeply for a few moments and when its eyes glanced at Xiao Hei that stood at the corner of the room, it decided to use his family's problem to warn its little lass.
"Cough... you all can stay here as long as you want but do not think that you can evade your dead with this. Do you really think only that fatty Mo wants you dead?" The fake dragon stared at Xiao Hei and said in an unfriendly manner.
Xiao Hei frowned and ask: "What do you mean by that? Someone else other than my uncle also wants me dead?"
"Sigh... what a naive little guy... Do you really think that your grandfather's departure from your sect this time is a coincidence? Hahaha... NAIVE!" The fake dragon laughed mockingly at Xiao Hei.
"My grandfather? Exalted Beast Lord, you can eat anything you want but you cannot say any lies however you want or it will ruin your prestige as a high-level beast with high intelligence." Xiao Hei's face turned dark and he answered the fake dragon with a hint of anger in his voice.
The five other elders also a bit angry but they did not dare to say anything right now.
Tang Li Xue who was lying lazily near the fake dragon while thinking another way to bring the fake dragon out from here started to stretch her ears in curiosity.
The fake dragon's mouth curved upward when its plan worked well.
"There is no need to deny my words so quickly. I will tell you everything from the very beginning. Your grandfather's age is almost a thousand years old. You never think that he only has your uncle and your father as his child, don't you? Do you know how many sons and daughters your grandfather has before other than your uncle and your father?" The fake dragon lazily asked.
Xiao Hei frowned deeply and he started to stare at the five elders by his side but the five elders did not dare to meet his eyes.
"There is no need to ask them. They are already bounded by the contract's power since they entered your sect as elders. They will not be able to speak out anything about the Mo family even if you torture them to death. I will answer it for you... your grandfather had four sons and two daughters other than your uncle and your father." The fake dragon explained with a lazy tone but its words greatly shocked Xiao Hei and Tang Li Xue.
'Damn! Xiao Hei, you have quite a big family, don't you?!' Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in surprise.
"Impossible! Why haven't I heard anything about that?" Xiao Hei shouted in disbelief.
"Pfffft... Ahahahaha... what a stupid question! Of course, it was because your 'wise' father already killed them all!" The fake dragon laughed out loud as if it heard something so funny.
Tang Li Xue: '?!'
"Impossible! You are lying!" Xiao Hei shouted in anger as his eyes turned bloodshot. If not for the fake dragon was stronger than him, Xiao Hei would probably already pounced and beat the crap out of it.