Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 85 - Chapter 85: Vague Line between Good and Evil

Chapter 85: Chapter 85: Vague Line between Good and Evil

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard did not care about Xiao Hei's anger or disbelief.
Actually, Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was too lazy to talk or care about any humans if not for its intention to educate its little lass.
It peeked on Tang Li Xue from the corner of its eyes. Red-Eyes Winged Lizard decided to continue after making sure that Tang Li Xue was still listening to its words so attentively.
"Tsk... what use for me to tell any lies to you? Although I have been locked up in here for who knows how long but it does not mean I cannot use my power to look at what all you humans do in your sect. At least, I can relieve my boredom if I observe some of the interesting things you humans do!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard lazily retorted to Xiao Hei.
Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was already imprisoned here for too long so sometimes, if it felt bored, it would always use its power to peek on how these evil malicious humans tricked, tortured, and decimated each other. Similar to how modern people watch TV dramas for amusement.
"Your grandfather is the previous Patriarch! Do you really think he is such an idiot that he was not aware of what your uncle did? Boy... do you really think your grandfather really honestly supports you to become the next Patriarch?" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard squinted its giant red eyes and said with a mocking tone.
Xiao Hei closed his eyes to calm himself down and let his mind processed the shocking information he got from Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.
Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words were unpleasant in his ears, but Xiao Hei was not an idiot. From the five elders' reactions, he knew that all the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words were the truth.
Xiao Hei always felt that all the people by his side always hid things from him but no matter what Xiao Hei did, he still could not force them to tell him anything. Now was the only chance for Xiao Hei to know everything, so he could not let his ego get in his way.
He should use this chance to know everything, and decide what he will do next after that!
"Boy, do you what Gu is? Do you know how to create Gu? It is by sealing venomous snakes, scorpions, and centipedes in a jar, forcing them to fight and devour each other until the last, strongest one remains. Does it feel familiar with what your grandfather did to you, your father, uncles, and aunts?" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words were really toxic and each of its words was slicing at Xiao Hei's heart, piece by piece.
"And you, little lass, don't you know that what is happening right now is because of what you did at that alchemist house?! That boy's grandfather became anxious because what you did was hurting his sect's interest so much. That is why his grandfather decided to give that Fatty Mo a chance, and also why his plan ran so smoothly this time." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard playfully tapped his giant claw on Tang Li Xue's furry head and lightly reprimanded her.
'Eh... Me? What happened here is because of me?! Wh... Why?! ' Tang Li Xue raised her furry head and stared at the fake dragon full of doubt.
"But... tsk, tsk, tsk, that Fatty Mo is really amazing. You should know that Fatty Mo was not like this at first. He was a simple, timid, unambitious, and untalented boy. Even his martial soul was only 2nd grade at best. Everyone in your sect, including your grandfather, your father, and your other uncles were looking down on him. Except one of your aunts who always spoiled him." The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was smiling as it remembered how Mo Chonglin struggled against all odds at that time.
"That Fatty Mo was a dimwit when he was a child and everyone always bullied him every day. You simply could not imagine how hard his life was before. For him, your aunt, that Mo girl was his entire world. She always stood up for that Fatty Mo, she also comforted and cheered him up whenever he was sad." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's true, talkative nature started to come up again, and it told the entire story to Xiao Hei.
"But your grandfather forced that Mo girl to marry someone she did not love. In the end, she eloped with that fatty Mo to a small mortal village, but your grandfather ordered your father to hunt and kill them. I also do not know what happened there when your father hunted them outside the sect, but that Mo girl died by your father's hand and that Fatty Mo was locked up in the ancestral hall by your grandfather for ten years. After he was released from there, his personality completely changed to what he is today." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard continued to tell Mo Chonglin's story full of enthusiasm to Xiao Hei.
"So dramatic, right?! So amusing, right?! Hahaha... Uhhh... Cough... Cough... So actually, the one that made him how he is now was your father." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard coughed out embarrassingly when it realized that it almost forgot its true objective was not to chat with this vile human but to warn its little lass on how evil the humans could be.
'Incest? Is this the incestuous marriage? Wooaah... that fatty uncle has such a sad love story?! Damn... Fatty uncle, why don't you make your own novel or movie! So do all antagonists in real life have their own dramas like this?!' Even Tang Li Xue started to respect the annoying fatty uncle after she heard his story.
"Uhum... So your grandfather is only using your father and you as a whetstone to sharpen your uncle. That fatty Mo is the true demon king chosen by your grandfather to lead your sect in the future! Actually, your grandfather was planning to use you a little bit longer but what little lass did to that alchemist, pill stock, and herb garden changed your grandfather's mind. That is why you ended up here in the end!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's tone turned cold once again.
Xiao Hei frowned deeply because he still could not accept all Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words. He opened his mouth wanted to ask several questions to clear all of his doubts but before he could do that...
"Here he comes..." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's expression turned solemn as it murmured.
"Honorable beast lord, I am Mo Chonglin, the new patriarch of Asura Demon Sect. Forgive me for my impudence but I have a task to arrest some traitors who entered your place." Mo Chonglin's loud voice resounded from outside the fake dragon's fortress.
Tang Li Xue shuddered slightly when she heard Mo Chonglin's voice and she felt slight fear toward him now since this fatty uncle basically already killed her once before in Xiao Hei's residence.
"I will be really grateful if your honorable could give those traitors to us now and I will be sure to reward your honorable highly, but if your honorable does not want to bother with it, then I will personally enter your honorable's place to catch all the traitors myself. I will wait for your honorable's answer for one minute."
Mo Chonglin continued with a respectful tone without appearing either threatening or overbearing but his aim was clear.
Mo Chonglin already had heard about the high-ranking demonic beast confined in here from several old elders, but he would never think that high-ranking demonic beast inside would shelter his nephew.
Anyway, Mo Chonglin had 100% confidence that he could still kill his nephew even if that high-ranking demonic beast would try to protect his nephew later.
The high-ranking demonic beast inside was still chained with special chains that sealed and absorbed its vitality energy after all.
But demonic beasts without its vitality energy was not the same as humans without their Qi!
Demonic beast without their vitality energy could still use their divine abilities by consuming their physical stamina like what Tang Li Xue did all this time but humans without their Qi could not use any of their martial skills or spells!
However, how many percentages of strength that high-ranking demonic beast could use without its vitality energy was a different matter.
Moreover, we should not forget that the fake dragon did not have any shred of intention to protect Xiao Hei and his people at all!
Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue started to rack her brain really hard once more.
'It would be alright if Xiao Hei got killed by his fatty uncle later since I already used my last [Substitute Doll] to protect Xiao Hei's life but what if he got caught instead?!'
'Wait a minute... this is not good either! if Xiao Hei got killed here, he should be only teleported a few miles from this fake dragon's fortress... it means he would still inside this sect! And someone is bound to see or find him again sooner or later if that someone informed the fatty uncle that Xiao Hei was still alive after being killed before, his fatty uncle would surely execute Xiao Hei once more!'
'Dammit! Is there really no other way out?! Should I give up and run away from here by myself? With my [Ethereal Form] it should be easy for me to escape from here! Well... at least I should be able to escape using my [Ethereal Form] before that uncle barge in and see me! Uaaarrrggghhh... Damn... what should I do now?!'