Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 489: Ye Zhen's New Life!

Chapter 489: Ye Zhen's New Life!
After one hour or so, Tang Li Xue entered the abandoned temple again.
Ye Zhen and Beiming Chu already calmed down a lot, but both of them looked more haggard, and their eyes were red.
Tang Li Xue also realized that their eyes were filled with misery and despair.
It was completely reasonable because most cultivators considered their cultivation to be more important than their lives.
The purpose of almost all cultivators in their life was to breakthrough to the higher realm, obtain immortality, reach the Dao, and became a fairy or god.
Of course, there were also other reasons such as revenge, family happiness, wealth, and so on, but it was only the minority.
Ye Zhen and Beiming Chu were the cultivation genius... before. They proudly stood above their genius peers and even became the chief of core disciples from their respective righteous sects.
That was the reason why losing their cultivation was the same as losing their only purpose in life for both Ye Zhen and Beiming Chu.
Tang Li Xue could not find any right words to cheer them up, so she could take out some meats and prepare the barbeque for them.
After eating until they were full, Ye Zhen and Beiming Chu quickly fell asleep in exhaustion.
It was truly a rough day for them, let alone that they were only ordinary mortals right now, and they were still internally injured.
But Tang Li Xue could not accompany them for too long since she was almost running out of time.
Foxes Hunting Festival was about to begin, so she must rush back to Myriad Foxes Academy as soon as possible.
Tang Li Xue waited for two hours or so before her perfect copy jumped out from the mid-rank space pouch after finishing her work.
The mid-rank space pouch could only be used for storing, not imprisoning, so Tang Li Xue's perfect copy could easily retreat out from it.
The perfect copy gave the fabric written with [Death Revelation Sutra] to Tang Li Xue, then Tang Li Xue packed it with some rations and money.
Tang Li Xue slipped the bundle into Ye Zhen's clothes.
Tang Li Xue did not use any spatial ring to store them because all spatial rings could only be opened with spiritual Qi.
After doing that, Tang Li Xue stared at Ye Zhen for a while and muttered: "I wish you good luck, my human friend..."
Then Tang Li Xue walked out from the abandoned temple and jumped onto [Wind Riding Bird]'s back.
The perfect copy also quickly followed and sat behind Tang Li Xue while asking: "Why don't you escort them back directly to their sect? Are you not worried about their safety?"
"I am not their nanny..." Tang Li Xue lazily answered.
"What if they died on the way before could reach their sect? It would be such a pity after we spent a lot of time and effort to save them before, right?" The perfect copy asked again with a curious tone.
Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes and did not bother to answer her perfect copy's question again.
The white [Wind Riding Bird] already started flapping its wings and soaring into the skies.
Just like what Tang Li Xue had said, she was not their nanny, parents, relatives, or lover.
Why the hell did she have to escort those two men straight to their sect?!
Moreover, the risk of doing that was too high!
What if their sect suddenly found out that she was not human and then arrested her?
That was the reason why giving them some provisions, along with some silver coins and gold coins was the best she could do for them.
After a few hours, Ye Zhen slowly woke up from his sleep while muttering: "Good morning, Miss Xiao Xue..."
Beiming Chu was still sleeping, so Ye Zhen decided to look around the abandoned temple but still failed to find Tang Li Xue.
Ye Zhen was very disappointed when he realized that Tang Li Xue was already left.
But he quickly shook his head in irony while whispering: "Like a toad wishing to eat swan meat... No, I could not even be considered a toad right now. I am just a weak ant. While Miss Xiao Xue is like a phoenix flying in the nine heavens... Sigh..."
After drowning in his sorrow for a while, Ye Zhen sensed something inside his clothes.
Ye Zhen took the bundle given by Tang Li Xue out and hastily checked the content.
A gentle smile emerged from Ye Zhen's gloomy face as he said: "As expected... Miss Xiao Xue is so gentle, kind, and considerate. She still thinks of us before she leaves."
Ye Zhen checked the item given by Tang Li Xue one by one.
Dried jerky, dried fruits, ration bread, a normal pouch filled with silver coins and gold coins, and... a white cloth?!
Ye Zhen found that there was something written on the white cloth.
At first, he thought it was only a farewell letter from Tang Li Xue, but his expression gradually turned serious after he had carefully read the content.
"This is... [Death Revelation Sutra]? And the way to cultivate it is to cripple your Dantian and rebuild your foundation?!" Ye Zhen uttered in disbelief.
This [Death Revelation Sutra] was the cultivation technique that was extremely suitable for their current situation!
But then Ye Zhen fell into a panic because this [Death Revelation Sutra] was certainly not a cultivation technique from a righteous path!
Ye Zhen did not know that Tang Li Xue got this [Death Revelation Sutra] from the Inheritance Ground Tablet.
He thought Tang Li Xue took out this [Death Revelation Sutra] from her elder, her master, or even her sect.
No matter who she got it from, it also meant that Tang Li Xue's background was not from the righteous path too!
She might be even a cultivator from one of the Four Evil Sects!
Ye Zhen thought that it might also be the reason why she would always wear a fox mask and hooded cloak to cover herself.
Well, Ye Zhen's guess was actually half right.
Tan Li Xue was not the cultivator of the righteous path, but she was also not from any Four Evil Sects.
Err... She was not even a human in the first place...
Ye Zhen did not hate or resent Tang Li Xue at all because of it.
On the contrary, Ye Zhen thought Tang Li Xue might know that he and the other disciples were about to be killed because Tang Li Xue was a member of one of the Four Evil Sects.
Ye Zhen made up the drama in his mind and deepened his misunderstanding of Tang Li Xue...
He started to think Tang Li Xue might didn't really want to join the evil sect, but she did not have any other choice.
Ye Zhen was afraid that what Tang Li Xue had done to help them would be detrimental to Tang Li Xue herself and bring her some hidden danger later on instead, so he started to think deeply...
No one should know about Tang Li Xue being involved in this incident since Tang Li Xue covered herself with a fox mask and hooded clothes.
Ye Zhen sighed in relief... But he quickly became tense again...
Ye Zhen remembered that there was one more person who knew Miss Xiao Xue's name...
Ye Zhen glanced at the sleeping Beiming Chu.
Ye Zhen hit his own head as he remembered that he mentioned Xiao Xue's name in front of Beiming Chu yesterday!
"I am really so stupid!" Ye Zhen uttered with a frustrated tone.
"NO! It is not too late yet! I can still fix this error!" Ye Zhen spoke with a freezing cold tone.
Ye Zhen hastily ran out from the abandoned temple and found a sharp branch nearby, then he quickly went back to the abandoned temple.
Ye Zhen carefully approached Beiming Chu, and then...
The sharp branch in Ye Zhen's hand stabbed deeply into Beiming Chu's throat!
Beiming Chu opened his eyes wide and stared at Ye Zhen in disbelief...
In the last moment of his life, Beiming Chu did not even know why Ye Zhen killed him.
After Beiming Chu breathed his last, Ye Zhen released the sharp branch and sat on the floor in disbelief.
Then he stared at his bloodstained hands in doubt.
"what have I done?! Why am I doing this?! How could I kill Brother Beiming with my own hands?!" Ye Zhen shouted in guilt.
It took a while for Ye Zhen to gradually calmed down and said: "No, I must do this! For Miss Xiao Xue's safety... even killing hundreds, thousands, or millions of Brother Beiming, I am willing to do it!"
At first, he still felt afraid, hesitant, and guilty...
Then Ye Zhen closed his eyes and took out Tang Li Xue's white cloth with his bloodstained hands and held it close to him.
When the sweet floral scent from the white cloth entered his nostril, every fear, hesitation, guilt, despair, and misery seemed to fade away.
It was as if he gained a new life...
"Yes, I have already gained a new life... A new life given by Xiao Xue..." Ye Zhen muttered in intoxication.
The moment Ye Zhen opened his eyes again, his gaze was completely changed.
It became much more cold and determined.
When he lost his cultivation before, most parts of his heart died along with it.
But right now, there was new life meaning, new ambition, and... new obsession born in the deepest part of his heart.
He wanted to become a dragon!
He did not care if it would be an evil dragon, a black dragon, or a demon dragon, but at least, it should be good enough to be matched with the phoenix flying in the nine heavens!
"From now on, Beiming Chu and Ye Zhen are already dead. Henceforth, my name is... Death Lord!" Ye Zhen said to himself.
There was no merit even if he went back to the sect.
On the contrary, the sect might interrogate or even read his mind using some treasure and then kick him out of the sect since he was nothing more than a crippled person now.
Becoming a loose cultivator was the only choice for him.
Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue did not know what had happened in the abandoned temple after she left there.
When Tang Li Xue departed from the abandoned temple, the skies were still dark.
The weather was still cloudy and drizzling, so no stars could be seen.
But after flying for a few hours, the black cloud finally dispersed, and the morning sun was blooming.
Tang Li Xue yawned as she enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful morning sunrise.