Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 492: The Weight of Life!

Chapter 492: The Weight of Life!
Tang Li Xue's mind was working fast, and she instantly deduced that someone should be hiring these veteran assassins to kill her!
But who?
She only reincarnated into this world less than two years now, how could she already have an enemy out of nothing?!
Err... Someone from Asura Demon Sect? Could these assassins sent by Mo Chonglin to kill or silence her?
It should be impossible, right?!
She only met Mo Chonglin yesterday after all, and the four righteous sects should be hunting for him crazily right now!
So, he should be too busy hiding his tail for now!
How could he have the free time to hire some veteran assassins to take her head?!
Someone from Myriad Foxes Academy? A fox hired human assassins?
You must be kidding me, right?
It was even more impossible!
In short, the person who hired these veteran assassins to kill her must be a human for sure!
But after thinking about it for a while, Tang Li Xue still failed to recall anyone she had ever offended before.
Of course, there were also several small cannon fodder level characters that she had a small conflict with before such as the previous thugs, Junior Martial Sister Jian from Immortal Sword Sect, and so on.
But these people should not have enough authority, connection, or resources to hire these several Core Formation Stage veteran assassins to kill her.
'Is it possible if these assassins find the wrong target? No way! These people are veteran assassins with more than 50 years of experience, not a bunch of newbies!' Tang Li Xue immediately denied the idea.
While Tang Li Xue was still carefully thinking deeply, the black-clothed assassins already launched another attack on her!
"Damn it!" Tang Li Xue cursed while gritting her teeth in anger.
Tang Li Xue swiftly hugged Little Seventh who stood silently behind her.
[Moonlight Flickering Flash Step]!
The wall behind Tang Li Xue was shattered to pieces because of the black-clothed assassins' powerful attack, but Tang Li Xue was already vanished from there.
She already jumped down from the second floor of the luxurious restaurant with Little Seventh in her embrace.
After she landed in the middle of the street, Tang Li Xue quickly used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] again, and her slim figure seemed to flicker, then disappear from the street.
Several black-clothed assassins also quickly jumped down from the second floor of the luxurious restaurant to catch up with Tang Li Xue, but they failed to find Tang Li Xue's trace.
One of the black-clothed assassins took out his communication talisman and said: "This is team one. The target is already missing from the starting point! Be careful, the target has extremely high-level movement technique!"
"Got it! Don't worry, our 'nose' will track her again. She will not be able to escape from our grasp." The voice from the communication talisman replied with a cold tone.
"Oh, right! The target took a small girl when she ran away from us. Maybe we can use that small girl to get an advantage over the target." the black-clothed assassin reminded.
"Okay, noted! We get it. Team two already move to chase after the target." The voice from the communication talisman said before he hung up.
Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue already entered the alley and hid behind one of the buildings.
Tang Li Xue released Little Seventh from her embrace and worriedly checked her condition.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after she made sure that Little Seventh was completely all right.
"Are you scared, Little Seventh? I am sorry... This is my fault. Those people should be after me." Tang Li Xue apologized with a guilty tone while patting Little Seventh's head.
But Tang Li Xue did not expect that Little Seventh still has a silly naive smile on her face as if she was not afraid at all.
"No, Seventh is not afraid. Because Big Sister Xue is here with Seventh. Big Sister Xue will surely protect Seventh, right?" Little Seventh innocently said with her usual cheerful tone.
Tang Li Xue smiled gently, but her topaz blue eyes shone with strong determination as she softly squeezed Little Seventh's cheek and said: "Of course! Big Sister Xue will never let those bad people hurt Little Seventh."
"I..." Little Seventh nodded at Tang Li Xue while kept smiling, but before she could finish her sentence...
Several black-clothed assassins jumped down from the top of the building while throwing secret weapons at Tang Li Xue and Little Seventh.
"Watch out!" Tang Li Xue shouted as she used [Energy Manipulation] to condense a transparent barrier in front of her and Little Seventh.
The sharp and poisonous secret weapons rained upon Tang Li Xue and Little Seventh, but all of them were blocked by the transparent barrier.
"Damn it! These annoying scums!" Tang Li Xue muttered as she gnashed her teeth in anger.
Several black-clothed assassins quickly realized that their secret weapons were not working, so they unsheathed their saber and charged toward Tang Li Xue.
Their simultaneous saber attack shattered the transparent barrier, so Tang Li Xue could only raise the white sword in her grasp instead to block their attack.
The simultaneous attack from several Core Formation Stage veteran assassins was extremely powerful!
Moreover, their attack was fast and came from all directions!
Thankfully, Tang Li Xue had already breakthrough to the peak of the Acupuncture Opening Stage, plus her overall stats as a demonic beast and many powerful passive divine abilities... Tang Li Xue could still barely fight toe-to-toe against these several Core Formation Stage veteran assassins!
[Sword Art of Mystic Harmony], Redirection Flow!
The white sword in Tang Li Xue's grasp was dancing rapidly as she redirected their simultaneous attack toward her right side.
Their powerful attack actually made the entire building behind Tang Li Xue crumbled apart!
After using all of their strength to attack Tang Li Xue, even these veteran assassins would reveal their flaw and opening for one moment.
Tang Li Xue would never let this chance go!
[Sword Art of Mystic Harmony], Tracing Counter!
Tang Li Xue's white sword was slashing swiftly toward their fatal flaw!
Several black-clothed assassins hastily jumped backward as if they already knew that Tang Li Xue would launch a fatal counterattack toward them.
"Do it now! Kill them all!" Tang Li Xue shouted with a solemn tone.
Who knew that the other Tang Li Xue suddenly appeared behind these several black-clothed assassins as if she already waited for the right moment to attack?!
[Supreme Speed Sword Style], Rapid Quick Slashes!
[Rapid Quick Slashes] was several times faster than [Repelling Spins], since it was focused more on offense to quickly kill the enemies, while [Repelling Spins] was focused more on blocking the enemy's attack.
It was currently Tang Li Xue's fastest sword technique!
Sandwiched between two Tang Li Xues from both front and behind, even these veteran assassins could no longer dodge or defend anymore and finally got slain by Tang Li Xue.
Tang Li Xue actually already sensed these black-clothed assassins with her [Extrasensory Perception] long ago.
So, she secretly summoned out her perfect copy using [Twin Moon] divine ability when she entered the alley, then instructed her perfect copy to hide herself using [Ethereal Form] and waited for the right timing to attack.
After slaying several black-clothed assassins, Tang Li Xue quickly checked Little Seventh's condition again.
The shockwave from the battle between Core Formation Stage cultivators was more than enough to accidentally kill any nearby ordinary mortal if she was not careful!
That was why Tang Li Xue was so worried about Little Seventh right now.
"Waaaahhh~! There are two Big Sister Xue!" Little Seventh cheerfully exclaimed while kept looking curiously at Tang Li Xue's perfect copy.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and explained: "All right, Little Seventh! It is time for us to go! You can play with the second Big Sister Xue after we get out from here, okay?"
Little Seventh obediently nodded, and then Tang Li Xue quickly carried Little Seventh again while saying to her perfect copy: "I will leave those assassins to you. Just distract them for some time until I bring Little Seventh out from this town, and then you can retreat."
"Okay~! No problem~!" Perfect Copy gladly accepted her task this time.
She clearly preferred fighting against these assassins rather than becoming Little Seventh's babysitter.
Because she could easily retreat with [Ethereal Form] plus [Art of Concealment] anytime if she was alone.
If she became Little Seventh's babysitter, she clearly could not do it like that since she must protect Little Seventh all the time.
For the first time, Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy learned how heavy the weight of life was!
It was actually so heavy that Tang Li Xue felt suffocated by its weight!
Well, Tang Li Xue once protected two pharmacy students, but it was only to complete the mission from Myriad Foxes Academy.
Right now, she did it with her own will, and the person she protected was only an ordinary mortal this time!
Tang Li Xue piggybacked Little Seventh on her back and used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] once again.
Her slim figure flickered and vanished as she sprinted toward the edge of the small town to get out from the assassins chasing.
Tang Li Xue already thought of keeping Little Seventh in her mid-rank space pouch for a while until she got out from the assassin's chase.
But she immediately denied the idea because Little Loki was still sleeping inside her mid-rank space pouch.
If this naive and innocent Little Seventh curiously approached Little Loki, then Little Loki subconsciously treated her as an enemy and devour her... Well, forget it... it was better and safer to just carry Little Seventh like this.