One Night Surprise

Chapter 10: He Is My Boyfriend

Courtney regained her balance and looked up in just a few seconds. When she saw the man’s steely
face, she turned her head to one side and swore inwardly, Is Farnville City so small? Why would I run
into Alexander Duncan in the same way during the first two times I took the elevator?

Vanessa spoke. “Are you alright, Courtney?”

Courtney clenched her fists.

Vanessa keeps showing off and mocking me in every way ever since we entered the elevator. God only
knows how smug she would feel if she learned that I don’t have a boyfriend. More frustratingly, this
man, whom I’m meeting for the third time, is obviously looking on!

An idea occurred to Courtney; the next second, she intimately wrapped her arm around Alexander’s
shoulders. When she leaned on him, she could distinctly feel that the man froze for a moment, making
her feel quite happy. Then, she said coquettishly, “Honey, are you trying to give me a surprise by
secretly waiting in the elevator? That was so mischievous of you!”

Alexander was speechless.

The other four people in the elevator other than Courtney were stunned.

Vanessa, in particular, gnashed her teeth in hatred.

This man looked particularly handsome with his aloof and noble appearance, and one could tell from
the suit he was wearing that he must be a successful businessman. How could Courtney possibly hook
up with such a wealthy and handsome guy?

Hence, Courtney laughed. “Courtney, he didn’t even look at you when we entered the elevator just now,
so how could he be your boyfriend? Even if you wanted to find someone to act with you, you should
have read through the script with him beforehand!”

Feeling panicky, Courtney stole a glance at Alexander.

She didn’t dare to continue speaking since she couldn’t quite figure out what this guy was thinking.

The man looked up proudly before speaking in a cold and unfriendly voice. “How much do you think
she can pay me to play-act with her?”

Stunned, Courtney was speechless. Is he tacitly admitting that he’s my boyfriend?

Josh, who was unusually good at reading Alexander’s mind, then pretended to flip through the
document before reminding in a voice audible to everyone, “President Duncan, this is the speech you
need to give during the celebration…”

Unable to control her voice, Vanessa exclaimed in a piercing voice, “President Duncan?”

So the man before me is Alexander Duncan?

Vanessa truly never had the honor to meet Alexander in person, but she had heard many rumors about

Alexander had always stayed away from women. Some ignorant business partners had arranged for
women to sleep with him, to which he responded by cutting off all his collaborations with them, causing
these companies to go bankrupt overnight.

A few years ago, he suddenly had a son, but he never mentioned his son’s biological mother. Whether
the son was the result of surrogacy or a child conceived using donated sperm had been everyone’s
favorite topic.

Countless women wanted to be his son’s stepmother, but none of them could get close to him.

But now…

Isaac looked as black as thunder for an instant as he watched Courtney nestling in the arms of a man
who was superior to him in every way.

Unable to restrain herself anymore, Vanessa dragged Isaac out of the elevator as soon as they arrived
at the floor. She then said with a forced laugh, “Courtney, you’re welcome to bring President Duncan to
our engagement party by then.”

When the elevator door closed again, Courtney let out a sigh of relief.

Alexander shot her a glance. “You dared to provoke me back then, yet you acted like a coward at the
sight of someone else just now, huh?”

Intimidated by the oppressive air about him, Courtney didn’t dare to move an inch; her hands were
clenched into fists as she pressed her back closely against the elevator wall.

They were so close that she could feel the man’s warm breath on her cheek.

Feeling nervous, Courtney stammered, as if she was tongue-tied, “J-Just talk to me properly. You don’t
have to get so close!”

Alexander could feel the pair of hands that were placed on his chest through the thin layer of clothing.
For some reason, their tenderness and warmth felt familiar to him.

Not only did he have a subtle feeling, but there was also a change in the lower part of his body.

This woman can actually get me hard as the woman from five years ago did!

Alexander looked stony because of his body’s peculiar reaction. He had always disliked such a feeling
where he lost control of himself, but the lady before him could always make him lose himself again and

“Weren’t you even closer to me than you are right now when you seduced me in the elevator that day?”

“W-Who was seducing you? I said that I was in a rush that day, so it was an accident!”