Novel Name : It Was You

Chapter 958 He Must Spoil The One He Loved.

"Martin, your son bullied me!" Cassandra turned around and began to complain before she could catch
her breath.

Moore staggered and almost fell to the ground. He knew that this mean woman would never let him go

With a helpless look on his face, Martin stood up from the chair and walked towards Cassandra. He
helped her sit down on the chair and asked, "Are you tired?"

Cassandra nodded incessantly and complained, "It's all his fault. He ruined half of my vegetables and
ran so fast. He pissed me off."

Martin poured her a glass of water, "I'll ask someone to buy you a new seed. What do you want to

Hearing this, Cassandra stood up and said, "Cabbages! And, leek, eggplant and so on. Can you buy
me some?"

"Okay," replied Martin.

After counting down a lot, Cassandra went to pick vegetables again. In the evening, she cooked a few
home cooked dishes. With the bowl in his hand, Moore stayed far away from her, fearing that
Cassandra would hurt him again if she was unhappy.

Holding the bowl in her hands, Cassandra suddenly had a feeling of home.

In her previous life, except for her grandmother who was really good to her, she thought that no one
would be good to her in the world. The Yan Clan was just a place for her to live.

In this life, she had Martin and her grandmother, but unfortunately, she failed to keep her grandmother.

Life was a long time, but in the end, it was just a fleeting moment.

For the rest of her life, Martin was her home.

At the police station of West City District, the capital city.

Arthur made a simple arrangement of the police station and planned to only take Bettina to the Dragon
City. If the police were not investigating the mole, he would have brought more people to the Dragon
City. After all, the Dragon City was not safe. If he was not careful, he would never come back.

In fact, Arthur didn't want to take Bettina with him, but Bettina insisted. So he had no choice.

As soon as Arthur finished his work, Lenny arrived. He still brought the night snack with him. However,
with the shadow of the internal investigation, everyone was no longer excited as before. They only
thanked Lenny and silently returned to their own office area.

Lenny had also heard about the internal investigation. He was now the special counselor of the police
station, and according to the usual practice, he had to accept the investigation. However, he hadn't
been in the police station for a long time, so he was almost not suspected. In addition, Arthur had a
relationship with him, so his investigation was ranked last.

Arthur picked up a cup of coffee, crossed his legs and took a few sips of coffee. Then he said slowly,
"I'm going on a business trip tomorrow. You don't have to come in the next few days. If there is anything
that inform you to accept the investigation, you can come again."

Lenny sat down on the sofa and stared at Arthur with his deep eyes. "Don't you plan to tell me that it
will be very dangerous to go to Dragon City this time?"

Blue veins stood out on Arthur's forehead. He knew that he couldn't hide it from Lenny, but he was in
the same mood as Martin at that time. It was really dangerous for him to go to Dragon City this time. So

he didn't want Lenny to take a risk with him.

Arthur put down the coffee in his hand, took out a cigarette and lit it up. "Dragon City is a dangerous
place. So I went there only as a plain clothed person. I won't ask for support unless I have to. It's too
dangerous there. Lenny, I don't want you to take the risk with me."

Lenny looked at Arthur and said, "I know what you mean, but do you think I will watch you go to Dragon
City alone? The Shen Group still has some property in Dragon City. I will not let anyone hurt you."

Arthur said with a smile, "Since when do I need you to protect me?"

Lenny looked at him quietly. After a while, he raised his eyes slightly and said, "I don't want to protect
you, but Dragon City is too dangerous. I won't let you take risks. Arthur, you provoked me first, and
now, you have no right to refuse."

Arthur waved his hand and said, "Okay, I admit defeat. I'll let you go, okay?"

He must spoil the one he loved.

No one knew how regretful Arthur was now.

The second day.

Cassandra got up early in the morning. Last night, she simply packed up her luggage and told Jack that
she had to go out for a trip these days. Jack was in charge of the company's affairs for the time being.
As for the rest, she would talk about it when she came back.

When Jack received the phone call, he was about to cry. He had just solved the matter that Colin had
an affair, and it was going to be the Kyoto Film Festival soon. But he didn't expect that his boss was
going on a trip!

In fact, Cassandra went to see Colin's horsemanship yesterday, but she just missed it with Colin. She
didn't see him and made a lot of trouble.

After washing up, Cassandra checked her luggage again and went downstairs with her suitcase.

Carlos hurried to take her suitcase and said with a flattering smile on his face, "Good morning. Have
you finished packing? Do you want to take something with you?"

Cassandra glanced at the huge box and coughed, "No, that's enough. When can we set off?"

Carlos replied, "It's up to boss."

Cassandra smacked her lips and thought that it was right. So Cassandra immediately walked towards
Martin who was sitting still and reading the newspaper. Seeing Cassandra come over, he put a glass of
milk in front of Cassandra.

Cassandra sat down on the chair and took a sip of milk, "My sweetheart, when shall we set off?"

Martin raised his eyes slightly and said, "I'll wait for you to have breakfast."

Cassandra ate quickly, gave a loud burp and held Martin's hand. "Can we leave now?"

Martin glanced at her helplessly, "Slow down."

Cassandra smiled and said, "I can walk by myself. Hurry up. I heard that Lenny is going to join us. We
have so many people that we can play mahjong."

Martin kept silent for two seconds and asked, "What is mahjong?"

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, "Are you kidding me, sweetheart? You don't even know
how to play mahjong, do you? I'll teach you later."

"Okay," replied Martin.

When they went to the airport, Cassandra kept explaining the essence of mahjong to Martin. Martin
was a smart man, so he soon figured out the way to play mahjong. As soon as they got on the plane,
Cassandra immediately dragged Arthur and Lenny to gather a table of mahjong.

In order to avoid suspicion, the family members formed a team. Martin and Cassandra formed a team,
Arthur and Lenny formed a team, and Bettina and Carlos formed a team.

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